Cryolipolysis is a non-invasive, no downtime treatment to reduce fat. If you maintain your weight within a reasonable range, you can expect permanent results to the treated area. 
cryolipolysis destroys fat cells by selectively freezing the lipids that are found in fat cells. This results in gradual death of those fat cells. The procedure is performed by first selecting the appropriate head based on the anatomic location being treated. Suction is then applied and the skin and fat fold is brought into the suction head. It is then compressed between two plates giving it a feeling of being pinched. After the skin and fat layer is secured between the two plates, the temperature is dropped sufficiently to freeze the fat. The device is left in place, treating the patient for one hour. 
Over the next two months, these fat cells are excreted from the body through the lymphatic and circulatory systems. Once the fat cells are killed they are gone. The cryolipolysis fat freeze fat reduction is permanent in a sense that your fat cells are permanently removed from your body. You do not typically grow additional fat cells unless you put on an immense amount of weight which provides the stimulus for cells to divide. 
Cryolipolysis doesn't give an immediate result, and 3-6 months are needed before the final result is visible. The procedure usually results in a fat reduction of anywhere between 20-25% per treatment.
Multiple areas can be treated by cryolipolysis fat freeze treatments, resulting in gradual reduction of a larger area. The amount of treatments needed depends on the desired amount of fat removal. It can take a few months to see final results from one treatment as the body needs time to adequately dispose of the frozen fat cells. 
Common areas treated are the abdomen, the flanks or love handles, and the upper back fat along the bra line. If there is sufficient tissue to be treated in the arm area, it can be used for excess fat in the underarm area. Usually, it is not utilized in the lateral thigh fat because is it not possible to pinch this fat and subsequently treat it. 
The results of the cryolysis fat removal is permanent. You can still gain weight and lose the benefit of the treatment, just like after liposuction, if you over-eat and gain weight.